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About Us

Just Shoot It will provide development and technique training to enhance the hockey skills of each and every student.  The techniques are proven to better shooting and puck handling skills.  We are committed to providing a comfortable environment so the child will be more receptive to the learning techniques.  Our highly skilled trainers will provide a customized training program for each child so the results will be noticeable quicker.

At Just Shoot It we welcome all skill levels and all ages whether it is a young child chasing their dream or an adult just starting to play.  We would not only like to have boys with dreams of making it to the NHL in our training centre but we also look forward to training young girls who dream of making the Olympic Team. 

Just Shoot It Inc. Mississauga
600 Orwell Street Unit 15
Mississauga, ON L5A 3R9

Phone: 905-272-3333



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